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Time limit

7 hrs



About race


The “Half Ironman” is thought to be the most challenging one-day competition. It is a competition for the strong in spirit.


This adventure will discover your new abilities and new sides to your personality. You will realize that you can do more, go beyond your boundaries, and not be afraid to accept new challenges. 


It will be your incredible achievement, your remarkable story, your personal victory. Let’s conquer new peaks together!


Note the date — August 7 — register, and start training. 


A participant on the course DRAGON CAPITAL KYIV TRIATHLON: 70.3 will have to finish a chain of stages: swimming (1900 m), cycling (90 km), and running (21 km).


Please, notice! The time limit for the two stages (swimming and cycling) is 5 hours 5 minutes. Participants who don’t meet this time limit will not be admitted to the third stage (running).


The overall time limit for the course is 7 hours.

Entry fee covers

  • Temporary race number hand sticker for the Swim stage – 2 pcs.
  • Swimming cap
  • Race bib number with participant’s name – 2 pcs. (for those registered by July 4, 2022)
  • Accident insurance that covers participation in sports competitions on the day of the race 
  • Race number stickers for the helmet and the bike – 1 pack
  • Plastic backpack for the Bike transit zone – 1 pc.
  • Plastic backpack for the Run transit zone – 1 pc.
  • Deposit backpack – 1 pc.
  • Disposable slippers
  • Finisher’s medal (awarded if the whole distance is finished within the time limit)
  • Souvenir participant backpack
  • DRAGON CAPITAL KYIV TRIATHLON 70.3 participant badge
  • Transit zone admission wristband
  • Electronic Participant’s Guide
  • Maps of the route and Race Village
  • Results capturing electronic chip for the ankle (must be returned, leased to the participant)
  • Medical assistance
  • Music along the route
  • Changing rooms and luggage storage services
  • Food and hydration stations: 1 at the Bike stage, 3 at the Run stage, and at the finish line
  • Refreshment stations along the route
  • Finisher’s t-shirt
  • Finisher’s pack (an apple, a banana, water)
  • Meal voucher after finishing
  • Invitation to the Gala event
  • SMS notification with the results
  • Pic2Go services (photo and video)
  • Special offers from our partners